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Frequently asked questions & and answers.

Q: How often does my chimney need sweeping?
A: If used regularly the following information may be of help;

  • Chimneys or stoves using coal twice a year.
  • Chimneys or stoves using smokeless fuel once a year.
  • Wood burning stoves quarterly whilst in use.
  • Gas and oil appliances once a year.(Gas fire removal must be by an approved technician.)

Q: Is it going to make a mess?

A: I will do everything i can to keep your room looking the same as when i found it, we use sheeting to cover floors and furniture and specialist hoovering equipment to keep soot and dust to a minimum.

Q:How will i know my chimney needs sweeping ?.

A:There are a few things to look out for.

Specks of soot coming from the chimney.

Smoke emmiting from the fireplace.

Odours coming into the room from fireplace.

If you have moved into a new property it is a good idea to always get the chimney swept before use,there could be a nest up it.

Do not wait for the tell tale signs,for peace of mind just get the chimney swept reguarly.

Q:What does seasoned log mean ?.

A:A seasoned log is a log that has been stored and allowed to dry out.

Some signs to look out for when buying logs are seasoned logs are lighter than green wood,because they have less water content.

The bark will come away easier from a seasoned log,and you will notice splitting at the end.

Seasoned logs tend to be more faded in colour than fresh cut logs.

You can buy a moisture tester for wood,ideally a log should have a moisture content of 20% or less.

It is not advisable to burn undried logs as they will cause tar and creosote in the flue.

Q:What area do you cover ?.

A:I am based in Burton Latimer and i cover a 25 mile radius from there.Covering the surrounding counties.If you are further out please contact me as i can tag you on a run in that direction.

Q:My flue is lined.Does it still need sweeping?.

A:Yes it does.A lining in a flue takes the product of the fire or stove ,so will need sweeping in the same intervals as an unlined flue.

Q:I have just moved into a house and never lit a fire before what is the best way.

A: a website run by industry professionals to show people how to get the most from their appliance,including how to light fires.

Q:We have just lit a fire and there is a lot of smoke coming into the room,what is the matter?.

A:There will be most likely a blockage in the flue,most common is a birds nest,but also could be fallen masonry or as i have come across something put up the chimney to stop draughts ,cushion,pillow ect.It could be a soot build up,put out the fire safely and call in a sweep.No more fires until it is sorted.

Q:Can you remove a birds nest?.

A:Bird nest removal is a labour intensive process,it takes longer than a normal sweep and can be quite dusty,but they come down in the end.The culprits are usually jackdaws,and they start the nest with a lot of twigs before putting the softer material on top,a jackdaws nest can quite easily fill a wheely bin.While the birds are building nests and raising young you should not remove them(usually between mid March and August.)it is an offence under the wildlife and countryside act.The problems with having a nest in the chimney are ,if a chick dies nature takes it's course and you can get an infestation of flies into the room,another is if the nest gets wet with snow usually it can cause a damp patch in the house.Other things that nest in chimneys are squirrells.If you suspect you have birds nest, call me in to remove it.




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